7th Bus Projects Edition


03_The 5th Bus Projects Editions Exhibition-071.jpg

From 2-6 July 2019, Bus Projects will present the 7th instalment of its major fundraising exhibition of limited edition prints. Featuring works by a range of emerging, mid career, and established artists.

Bus Projects will eliminate the fee-to-exhibit model in 2020 by relocating its galleries to the Collingwood Arts Precinct (CAP). All of the proceeds from this exhibition will go to ensuring the long term elimination of gallery rental fees, and to enable a greater level of investment in the artists who take part in our programs.

Featured artists include: Alice Wormald, André Piguet, Anita Cummins, Anna Varendorff, Arlo Mountford, Augusta Vinall Richardson, Aurelia Guo, Brian Fuata, Bridie Lunney, Briony Galligan, Caeylen Fenelon-Norris, Clare Longley, David Attwood, David Noonan, Deanna Hitti, Drew Pettifer, Elizabeth McInnes, Henry Trumble, Jacinta Keefe, Jacqui Shelton, Janina Green, Jemima Gale, Josephine Mead, Joshua Stevens, Julia Stewart, Kari Lee McInneny-McRae, Kate Just, Kate Meakin, Kieren Seymour, Laura Skerlj, Lei Lei Kung, Lucina Lane, Matt Brown, Melissa Deerson, Michelle Ussher, Moorina Bonini, Narelle Desmond, Nicholas Mangan, Phebe Schmidt, Peter Waples-Crowe, Rob McHaffie, Roberta Joy Rich, Ross Coulter and Meredith Turnbull, Ruby Brown, Rudi Williams, Ry Haskings, Sarah Brasier, Sarah Ujmaia, Shannon Lyons, Simon Zoric, Slippage, Spencer Lai, Tia Ansell, Yvette James, and Zara Sully + more.